Dear *|FIRST_NAME|*>,

While reading through website or trade publications where company was featured last week I came across an article outlining why your company has been recognized as one of the best places to work in the country for field ie. tech, marketing  professionals. Your entire focus has been on making sure that your company is not only a leader in the industry, but also a leader in company's mission ie.  innovation and pioneering new and emerging technology . For this reason, I am sending you my resume in the hopes that I might be able to join your team.

I have worked exclusively within the specify field  field for the number  of years, and in that time, have worked in a wide variety of positions that I feel might benefit your company. I am experienced in area of experience ie. accounting including more specific area of aforementioned experience ie. finance  and another specific area of aforementioned experience ie. budgeting . I was also responsible for job task at experience ie. inventory control and second job task at experience ie. vendor relations . I have been instrumental in my past positions with bringing name something you brought to the table ie. new and emerging technology into our business processes and I am actively looking for opportunities with companies that would allow me to continue that practice. I believe strongly in always being on the forefront of quality of company mentioned in article ie. technological development and I was excited to read in the article that your company feels the same way.

[Talk about related achievements ie. As a team leader, I am proud of the fact that not only have we never missed a deadline, but that we have come in under budget while delivering superior results every time.] I firmly believe in the integrity and professionalism of my work and strive to ensure that every aspect of what I do also upholds the company core values.

I would love to set up a call and learn more about any opportunities at Company Name and also answer any questions you might have regarding my resume. If you prefer, please contact me by phone (XXX) XXX-XXXX or e-mail,

Thank you for your time in considering my qualifications.